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Fairfield create innovative, high quality display solutions, that help businesses succeed.

Don't let dated displays give the wrong impression about your business. Your window display needs to be eye-catching and reflect the branding of your business. View our product range below.

Amazing value Standoffs

You will find all the fixings you need to hold small and large signs away from the wall. The simple and elegant way to enhance the appearance of your signage. Select from the premium range made from solid brass available in a variety of finishes or use the quality aluminium fixings for your low budget projects. More info

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Sign Standoffs
Sign Systems
Cable Display
Rod Display
LED Light Pockets
Real Estate Displays

Cable Display

Fairfield suspended wire Cable System has one of the largest range of cable display components in the world.

The suspended wire Cable System has been designed for displaying graphics or all sizes and suspended shelving. The wire Cable Systems is a stylish yet, discreet way to suspend posters and shelving.

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1/16" (1.5mm) Cable Display System
1/16" cable display system
1/8" (3mm) Cable Display System

Rod Display

Display rods have been designed to grip suspended signs, directory systems, posters and shelving.

Rods are ideal when you need a rigid system. You can use display rods vertically or horizontally.

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1/8" (3mm) Rod Display
1/4"(6mm) Rod Display
1/4" Rod system that can be used in a vertically or horizontally to hold signs and shelving
3/8" Rod Display


Extensive range of standoffs made from aluminum and solid brass.

Standoffs are available in a variety of lengths and diameters.

Fairfield specializes in supplying sign standoffs to the sign makers, designers and retailers.

The top quality standoffs are fully guaranteed.

Large stocks of standoffs are available for fast shipping.

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Premium Standoffs 1"
Standoffs hardware for signs and acrylic panels
Premium Standoffs 1/2" & 5/8"
premium sign standoffs
Aluminum Standoffs
Side Panel Supports
Screw Caps
decorative screw caps for display small and large signs

Sign Systems

The way signs are displayed in your building can make a huge difference to your business.

A well positioned sign will ensure you communicate your message clearly to your staff and customers. Fairfield has designed a range of sign systems that will ensure that you get the best impact and the maximum flexibility for your business.

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Wall Mounted Signage
Wall mounted signage
Hanging Sign Systems
Directory Sign Systems
Wall mounted directory display on rods with different size panels
Hook-on Sign Systems

LED Light Pockets

Stunning ultra-thin acrylic light panels designed to showcase information and imagery in a bright display. Used alone or as part of a larger display, these LED illuminated panels are a sure-fire way to attract attention to your business.

One of our best-selling displays, LED Light Pockets are eco-friendly, easy to change and look fantastic when used with our cable or rod display systems

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LED Light Pockets

Real Estate Window Displays

Driving attention to your real estate displays is essential for boosting business. Our real estate display solutions are designed to maximise your impact on customers and highlight your properties to draw people into your premises.

Fairfield have tons of signage and hardware solutions to help you create eye-catching real estate displays that will make your premises stand out from the crowd.

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